Millions of people across the country suffer from addiction and mental health conditions, but there is a way out ofdialectical behavior therapy these conditions. With the right communication skills and coping mechanisms, you can deal with all of life’s challenges in a healthier way. Using a dialectal behavior therapy program, we can help you gain these tools, allowing you to overcome your substance abuse and move into a brighter future.

At Insight Recovery Centers, we strive to address each person’s condition using a treatment program we tailor to their needs. We know that our dialectical therapy program is an essential tool in many peoples’ recovery process. To learn more about our treatment programs, please reach out to our team today at 703.592.6946.

What Is Dialectical Behavior Therapy?

Dialectical behavior therapy, or DBT, is an offshoot of another crucial therapeutic option, cognitive-behavioral therapy. DBT’s creator, Marsha M. Linehan, initially developed it to help those battling suicidal thoughts and borderline personality disorder, as it allows users to redirect negative thoughts and actions into healthier decisions.

If you haven’t been able to manage your substance use or mental health condition using medicine, dialectical behavior therapy is a great treatment option. It can support those dealing with a range of conditions, including eating disorders, self-harm, and addiction. Our treatment program provides you with a variety of skills that can help you manage your thoughts. For instance, DBT can teach you skills such as:

  • Distress tolerance: Life presents each person with a range of challenges, and if you don’t have the tools to manage stress, you may make poor choices in the face of anxiety. DBT teaches you how to stay calm when you confront stressful experiences
  • Emotional regulation: If you are battling an addiction or a mental health condition, you may struggle to control your emotions, especially if you’re feeling angry, sad, or frustrated. With a DBT program, you’ll learn how to manage these emotions effectively, no matter how you feel.
  • Mindfulness: Mindfulness is a vital tool in a range of situations. It allows you to focus on the present without worrying about the future or feeling guilty about the past.
  • Interpersonal effectiveness: Many people struggle to ask for help when they need it and refuse anything they know to be unhealthy. Fortunately, with interpersonal effectiveness, it’s possible to advocate for yourself without hurting the people around you.

With the skills you learn in our dialectical behavior therapy program, you can stay sober and mentally healthy for more extended periods of time.

Benefits of Dialectical Behavior Therapy

One of the benefits of DBT is that it helps you create a better support network. If you want to stay sober and mentally healthy, the relationships around you are vital because you have someone to turn to when you’re struggling to cope with life’s challenges.

Another benefit of this therapeutic option is that the skills don’t just benefit your mental health. The skills you learn in dialectical behavior therapy can impact every area of life.

Learn More at Insight Recovery Centers

At Insight Recovery Centers, we’re committed to the long-term recovery of each person who comes to our treatment center. Our team of therapists can use a wide array of therapeutic options to ensure your healing, giving you the best possible chance for a better future. In addition to our dialectical behavior therapy program, we also provide:

You don’t have to suffer from your addiction or mental health issue any longer. With dialectical behavior therapy, you can get the healing you need. To learn more about our treatment programs, contact Insight Recovery Centers today at 703.592.6946.