family walking outside at ashburn virginia outpatient addiction treatment centerBecause substance use disorder can affect anyone anywhere, it’s vital to have options for treatment. Substance use disorder puts individuals at high risk for developing a dependency on drugs or alcohol. Addiction such as this doesn’t care how old someone is, where they live, or how wealthy they are. Addiction is a disease. Thus, like any disease, it needs to be properly treated by professionals so individuals can heal and return to full health. One way to do this is by exploring what Insight Recovery Centers has to offer at its Ashburn Virginia outpatient addiction treatment center.

What is Outpatient Treatment?

Often, outpatient treatment is a form of intensive therapy, allowing individuals to get treatment while still engaging in important areas of your life. For instance, you can participate in therapy and still go to work or keep your family commitments. In the same way, individuals can still maintain their employment or meet educational obligations while getting the professional therapy necessary for them to overcome substance use disorder. Outpatient provides more flexibility without sacrificing the quality of care you need to get back on your feet. Some of the benefits of outpatient treatment include:

  • More freedom and flexibility in your schedule
  • Ability to keep your work or family commitments
  • More privacy, as you do not have to explain why you are out of work
  • The same types of treatment available as inpatient treatment

We are a licensed IOP and OP Service Provider

Our Ashburn Virginia Outpatient Addiction Treatment Center

Substance abuse occurs on a spectrum. This means that not everyone will experience the same degree of addiction or even use it. Thus, treatment needs to correspond to where an individual falls along this spectrum. Some individuals realize they have substance use issues and need treatment. However, they are unable to break away from the demands of work or family. The great irony is that without treatment, their relationships and work will suffer. Thus, Insight Recovery Centers provide an outpatient addiction treatment center designed with flexibility in mind to meet the needs of individuals struggling with substance use disorder.

You may wonder how long our program will be. The best answer to this is: it depends. We do not judge success by abstinence. We look at improvement in four main areas: reduction in the harms of substance use, stable mental health, improved family relationships, and a direction for school or work. Thus, as individuals progress through treatment, we’ll focus on each of these areas working on getting them to the levels clients desire. 

This may involve an individual’s family, spouse, or significant other. Substance use disorder affects the whole family. Trust may be damaged, and loved ones may be contributing to the problem, sometimes unconsciously. Each family member will have a voice and plan for having healthy relationships. Doing so creates a healing environment where the individual struggling with substance use is held accountable but is also actively taking responsibility for their wellbeing.

In many residential rehab programs, individuals either must first go through detox or enter detox upon starting the program. However, outpatient addiction treatment doesn’t focus on forcing abstinence upon an individual. Everyone’s goals in treatment are unique. We are one of the only programs in the area that practice harm reduction and teach alcohol moderation.

Insight Recovery Centers

Substance use disorder can cause serious damage to both the individual struggling with substance abuse but also those around them. This is why it is so important not only to seek help but find the appropriate level of treatment. Fortunately, our Ashburn Virginia outpatient addiction treatment center is staffed by experienced and compassionate therapists dedicated to helping individuals heal. Outpatient addiction treatment like Insight Recovery Centers’ can help individuals overcome their addiction and substance abuse. We use several therapeutic options to do so, such as:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Harm reduction
  • Trauma-informed care
  • Mindfulness
  • Dual diagnosis treatment

Individuals can get the help they need in person or through our telehealth counseling options. Take our Alcohol Moderation Assessment to understand more on if you or a loved one may benefit from treatment. We also offer a medication-assisted treatment program for individuals with acute needs. Insight Recovery Centers prides itself on being an inclusive treatment center and provides a safe environment for LGBTQ+ individuals in need of addiction treatment and/or mental health services. So reach out to us today at 703.592.6946 to learn more. Now is the time to find help and return yourself to full health.