man outside at Outpatient Alcohol Addiction Treatment Program ashburn vaThe circumstances leading people to use alcohol are varied. Thus, the treatments to get them the help must be just as varied to address unique needs. Insight Recovery Centers offers an outpatient alcohol addiction treatment program in Ashburn, VA ideal for many patients from all walks of life. For example, stay-at-home parents, students, and even professionals struggling with alcohol use disorder can find the help they need to fit their schedule. Recovery from alcohol use disorder takes time. Individuals need to have their physical and mental issues dealt with reasonably and compassionately. As experienced therapists and counselors, the team at Insight Recovery Centers will design a plan to meet your specific needs.

What Is Alcohol Use Disorder?

Alcohol use disorder is the clinical term for alcohol abuse and addiction. It’s the preferred term for what many of us know as alcoholism. However, someone struggling with alcohol use disorder may not necessarily be dependent, that is, addicted. But the likelihood is greater, and individuals abusing alcohol need professional help to get healthy sooner rather than later. This is where Insight Recovery Centers’ outpatient alcohol addiction treatment program in Ashburn, VA, can help.

Individuals suffering from alcohol use disorder are unable to control their drinking. Unable to regulate how much and how often they drink, individuals with this disorder can see their relationships crumble, and their work performance decline rapidly. You may be experiencing alcohol use disorder if you can’t stop thinking about when your next drink will be or are unable to shake cravings. Also, if you find yourself always turning to drink to relax, calm your nerves, or as a reward, you are likely experiencing alcohol use disorder. Another sign is the development of tolerance. This means you need more and more to drink or stronger drinks to get the desired effect. 

Benefits of an Outpatient Alcohol Addiction Treatment Program Ashburn VA

Here at Insight Recovery Centers, we take a unique approach to treating alcohol addiction. Our compassionate and experienced staff of counselors and therapists are well-versed in alcohol moderation having published numerous books on the topic. There are times an individual’s alcohol use disorder is severe enough that they need hospitalization or residential care. However, those levels of care are extremely expensive and disruptive. For instance, not everyone can walk away from their family obligations for at least 30 days (the standard length of residential rehab).

Similarly, few jobs or schools allow for that much time to be taken as vacation, sick leave, or simply suspended. Also, living away from home is an unsustainable geographic cure. Thus, Insight Recovery Centers provides an outpatient alcohol addiction treatment program Ashburn VA residents can turn to deal with their issues as they are experienced.

We accomplish this through numerous therapy programs. But primarily, we focus on harm reduction, specifically alcohol moderation. One way to learn is this may be an effective approach for you is to take our alcohol self-assessment. This treatment approach is for individuals who have not developed a physical addiction to alcohol but still experience alcohol use disorder and its effects. Many drink to cope. But soon they find their drinking begins to cause problems. Our team determines if it is safe for you to continue drinking. We help you understand why your drinking may be getting out of control. Then we work alongside you to develop tools to manage those reasons. Over 50 years of research supports alcohol moderation as a viable treatment option, and it may just be what you or your loved one needs.

Insight Recovery Centers

Alcohol use can cause serious damage to an individual’s life. Relationships can be irrevocably damaged, whether with friends, family, or loved ones. Also, work performance can decline, and educational goals can fail to be reached. Simply quitting is no easy task. Alcohol withdrawal symptoms can be intense and, in some cases, life-threatening. Thus, individuals need professional treatment as soon as they or a loved one recognize the problem.

An outpatient alcohol addiction treatment program in Ashburn, VA, like Insight Recovery Centers’ can help you better manage your recovery through trauma-informed therapy such as: 

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Alcohol Moderation
  • Mindfulness
  • Dual diagnosis treatment

Individuals can get the help they need. We also offer a medication-assisted treatment program for individuals with acute needs. So reach out to us today at 703.592.6946 to learn more. Now is the time to find help and return yourself to full health.

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