How the RCI works

This scientifically validated survey measures 22 indicators within the three domains of a person’s life that have proven to affect recovery.

  • Complete the survey via text
  • Takes ~5 minutes to complete
  • Questions are focused on three areas of your life
  • Each area is scored from 1-100
  • Your score represents your current recovery capital
  • There are no right or wrong answers
  • You and your provider will have immediate access to your scores

Interpreting the results:

Ultimately, we want to see growth with fewer and less deep dips over time. Put in the work, and you’ll see the change in both your scores and your life.

By continually measuring and tracking your recovery capital, you’ll build awareness and accountability.

Because what you measure drives what you can change.

What is the RCI?

A scientifically validated online survey that provides a comprehensive picture of a person’s whole wellbeing.

Sobriety is a flawed measure of success

The treatment industry has been stuck on a binary measurement that makes a return to substance use signal failure, regardless of how much success and change a person experiences.

What we measure drives what we can change.

Recovery Capital is the combination of personal, interpersonal, and community resources that a person has available to begin and sustain their recovery.

It respects the entire presence and experience of a person.