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When someone struggles with drug or alcohol abuse, finding the right treatment program is necessary to ensuretheir substance use disorder doesn’t blossom into full-blown dependency or addiction. Perhaps the best way to do so is through individual counseling. At Insight Recovery Centers, our counselors and therapists have the experience and expertise to help clients understand what underlying mental health issues may be contributing to their substance abuse. Similarly, individual counseling can help heal mental health issues that arise because of substance abuse. Thus, no matter what, one-on-one counseling is perhaps the best way to maintain positive mental health and address issues contributing to a substance use disorder.

What Individual Counseling Involves

Individual counseling usually takes the form of one-on-one talk counseling in a private, confidential setting meeting over several sessions to work through a client’s issues. A counselor or therapist will learn about a client’s personal history, their current life, both personal and professional, and discover what issues the client is concerned about. In the process, therapists can show and help clients identify underlying mental health issues contributing to their substance use disorder. When someone abuses drugs or alcohol consistently, they likely have a substance use disorder wherein they cannot regulate how much they consume. For some, this may be due to genetics; for others, it may be due to underlying mental health issues they are unaware of as they unconsciously self-medicate.

Some of the therapeutic approaches counselors and therapists may use with clients include:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy: CBT is a frequently used psychotherapy where clients learn to revise their negative self-image and negative or unproductive thinking patterns.
  • Acceptance and commitment therapy: Used alongside mindfulness techniques, ACT looks to help clients overcome the stigma of substance use disorder and focus their energy on not feeling guilty or anxious but confronting and overcoming their issues.
  • Harm reduction: For some, abstinence is not a solution. Thus, the harm reduction approach is the best route to explore as it seeks to reduce the negative effects of substance use.
  • Motivational interviewing: This process allows clients to develop specific goals and create strategies to attain those goals in recovery.

No matter the technique deployed, one-on-one counseling helps individuals struggling with substance use disorder avoid allowing it to lead to dependency or addiction. But if a client is already dependent upon drugs or alcohol, individual counseling is still one of the best ways to heal and recover from the disease.

Benefits of One-on-One Counseling

There are numerous benefits to individual counseling where clients work one-on-one with a counselor or therapist in a private, confidential setting. For instance, clients can expect:

  • Increased insight into motivation and trigger of substance abuse
  • An enhanced sense of self-awareness
  • Self-empowerment
  • Techniques for improving personal and professional relationships
  • To learn a wider range of healthy coping skills

Alongside these benefits, one-on-one counseling is one of the most effective ways to assist an individual in identifying and overcoming anxiety and depressive disorders. Whether over the short-term or as part of an ongoing commitment to positive mental health, individual counseling vastly reduces the risk of relapse. However, should a client relapse, individual counseling equips them with the skills and support necessary to recommit to sobriety.

Insight Recovery Centers

If you or a loved one struggles with substance abuse, starting individual counseling at Insight Recovery Center is the best way to begin the healing process. When clients come to Insight Recovery Center, our team of compassionate and experienced counselors and therapists will conduct a thorough evaluation to determine their needs. Working alongside clients, we’ll develop a comprehensive and customized treatment plan delivering the most effective individual counseling. Reach out to Insight Recovery Centers today at 703.592.6946 to learn more about our programs.