Group Therapy ProgramRegardless of age or social situation, all humans have a need to live in a community. When they are forced to isolate themselves from their friends and family members, mental health conditions and substance use often follow. Therefore, when it comes time to treat these issues, the experts at Insight Recovery Centers recognize the importance of a group counseling program.

Many experts suggest that using group counseling as part of addiction treatment is rewarding because it encourages patients to work with others in recovery. Watching people in similar circumstances work through their challenges can motivate patients to work towards their own goals. Furthermore, group counseling reduces feelings of isolation, shame, and depression, which are often part of the stigma of substance abuse. To learn about our group counseling program and how it supports those in recovery, please contact Insight Recovery Centers today at 703.592.6946.

What You Need to Know About Group Counseling

As the name suggests, group counseling requires a small group of people battling similar issues to work together to understand their challenges. The group then can work through these for the benefit of everyone involved. This treatment is one of the most popular treatment methods available today because many of the advantages available in group counseling aren’t feasible in a one-on-one treatment program.

Our treatment team at Insight Recovery Centers believes that group counseling should be a significant part of many addiction treatment plans. In most cases, those struggling with substance use are better equipped to accomplish their goals when they take part in group counseling. Additionally, they can develop friendships and grow alongside other people in recovery as they work through their challenges each day.

We recognize that a range of factors affects a person’s progress through their recovery journey. However, each person can focus on their goals when a group of people supports them through the process. Furthermore, a group counseling program allows clinicians to work with several people simultaneously, providing better results for everyone involved. At Insight Recovery Center, our strategies encourage people to understand and empathize with each other, facilitating emotional healing.

What Benefits Can Patients Expect From Group Counseling?

Enrolling in nearly any therapy program provides benefits, but the advantages of group counseling are unique. For example, during this treatment option, patients receive positive support from other people in recovery. This benefit is incredibly vital for those whose loved ones may not support their decision to get and remain sober. With the support of their group members, the individual is more likely to avoid relapse at the beginning of their recovery journey. Furthermore, taking part in group counseling programs throughout a person’s treatment can mitigate feeling alone or lonely during treatment.

In addition, those who take part in a group counseling program can better manage their condition due to others’ success.
They’re also able to experience a familial community and minimize their triggers, encouraging their recovery process.

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At Insight Recovery Centers, we commit ourselves to help each of our clients through their journeys into sobriety and recovery. We teach harm reduction practices both during group counseling sessions and other therapeutic components of our treatment programs. Furthermore, we offer a range of additional addiction treatment therapy programs, including:

Addiction doesn’t have to take over a person’s life. With our group counseling program or any of our other treatment options, people can enter long-term recovery. Call Insight Recovery Centers today at 703.592.6946 or use our convenient online form to learn more about our services.