Our Story

Insight Recovery Centers was founded by Angie Harris, LCSW, LSATP, MAC, MA, Craig James, LCSW, LSATP, MAC and Cyndi Turner, LCSW, LSATP, MAC in 2018.

After years of working in the treatment industry within various settings, we witnessed too many non-licensed, unethical, inexperienced individuals make promises to families based on profit instead of the best interest of the person. Many facilities were making recommendations for a higher level of care than was clinically appropriate to maximize payment or reimbursement from insurance companies. We knew there were a lot of people needing qualified experts to help them find the best treatment option for themselves or a loved one.

As clinicians we have seen what works to support recovery and we know what makes a program not just good, but great. We know the majority of treatment is geared towards the most severe alcohol or drug user, yet there are four times as many people who are struggling with substances but do not have an addiction. We decided to apply 70 years of combined clinical experience to create a program that treats all degrees of substance use disorders and get people the right kind of treatment by experienced experts. Insight Recovery Centers provides comprehensive, community-based treatment option to support our clients’ definition of their recovery.

Chief Clinical Officer

Chief Operations Officer

Chief Administrative Officer


“Restoring balance to those affected by substance use and mental health disorders through evidence-based outpatient treatment.”


“Integrated, high quality behavioral health care for adults and their support systems by experienced professionals”

Core Values

  1. Ethical integrity
  2. Lifelong learning
  3. Collaboration with other providers

Why Choose Insight?

Treatment provided by licensed therapists with dual credentialing in substance use disorders

Program designed by team of clinicians with over 70 years of experience

Believe in the spectrum of substance use, not solely abstinence-based treatment

Open to harm reduction and alcohol moderation

12-step meetings supported but not required

Medication Assisted Treatment, psychiatric medications, and psychological testing available in-house

Referral network when higher or lower levels of care are needed

Group therapy from multi-disciplinary providers with a need based curriculum

Insight Recovery Centers has a clinical collaboration with Insight Into Action Therapy for those who need supplemental services such as medication management, psychological testing, Medication Assisted Treatment, and outpatient therapy.