Our Harm Reduction program is for people who are unwilling or unable to make changes to their substance use but do not like the problems it is causing in their lives. Many find that traditional treatment is just not the “right fit” and have not felt that 12-step meetings worked for them. They have often felt uncomfortable with the concepts of powerlessness and spirituality that many support groups follow. The label of alcoholic or addict does not seem to fit for them.

This client is likely in a Precontemplation or Contemplation Stage of Change and may not be able to make the time, emotional, or financial commitment required for an Intensive Outpatient Program. This individual has not yet been able to achieve or desire a period of abstinence. Some may call this “prehab.”

Sobriety is not how we define success. Leading a balanced life is.

We are in collaboration with
Insight Into Action Therapy!

The program includes

  • Two 90-minute groups that involve psychoeducation, processing, and counseling
  • Weekly individual counseling/case management
  • Weekly Family Support Group
  • Random drug/alcohol screening to track progress

The length of time at this level of care is typically three to four months. That is determined by you and your counselor.